Zapraszamy do Świata ZNAMMI - polskiego producenta elementów wyposażenia wnętrz.

We invite you to the world of ZNAMMI - Polish manufacturer of interior elements.

We have been designing steel structures for industry and furniture manufacturers for over 30 years. With the introduction of resins to the market, we have fascinated by its artistic possibilities and started to create decorative tables, coffee tables and consoles.  In our workshops, we provide all production processes, taking care to use the quality of wood and certified oils and waxes.

Since 2018, we have already created several dedicated collections. The products feature main inspirations is Polish hadartcraft. We use Polish flowers, herbs, hand-crocheted ornaments, stamps, and ceramic mosaics. We constantly believe in craftsmanship.
Over last years, we have been developing cooperation with many ceramic manufacturers.  Since 2020, together with Manufaktura in Bolesławiec and WR Ceramika, we create original products for their ceramic collections. We have been appreciated by Polish customers in 2022 with the Eagles of Furniture award.
We want ZNAMMI products to give joy of communing with them and bring authenticity to every interior.

We stay open to bring Your ideas to life with ZNAMMI team.