What kind of furniture we make?

Our goal is to create furniture that not only are functional, but also constitute a decorative element of the interior. Therefore, in addition to complete tables and coffee tables we offer consoles, furniture fronts and purely artistic productions. Most of our designs are created in the studio as ready-made solutions. We pay a lot of attention to custom production, meeting individual expectations. Our team utilizes classical working methods, and the hands of our artists give wood exceptional forms. In combination with an epoxy resin finish and carefully selected dyes, we obtain furniture with a unique character.

What is our furniture made of?

For our projects we use the highest quality epoxy resins, which guarantee high hardness of the material and high mechanical resistance. We choose appropriately selected and prepared wood types. We combine the material into a form that guarantees the uniqueness of the design. The legs and supports of our furniture are made of steel or other materials that blend into a harmonious whole.

What do we combine epoxy resin with?

virtually any other material. We are only limited by the technology of working with resin. Meeting the expectations of our customers, we try to use natural structures and products of nature. We stop time in resin.

What kind of wood do we use?

For our designs we use only noble species of wood: oak, cherry tree, ash tree, walnut, mansonia, kambala, mahogany as well as popular types of wood, offering an interesting shape, color or texture. For special projects we use grades selected by our clients.

What do we use to protect the surface?

Depending on the type of product and its intended use, we protect the surfaces with natural waxes or oils.
In special cases we apply high hardness clearcoats. We also use oils and waxes coloring wood to achieve a consistent composition.

Do we offer complete solutions for offices, restaurants and bars?

In cooperation with designers and interior designers, we offer comprehensive equipment for offices, conference rooms, bars and restaurants. Each matter is treated with the utmost care when it comes to the visual uniqueness and functionality of solutions.

Furniture and that’s it?

With a carpentry workshop and experience in combining wood with colorful composition of resins, we also produce small utility elements such as kitchen boards, trays and stands as well as decorative items. We are no stranger to applied art, sacred sculpture or functional item of everyday use.


Product prices

All prices given on the website www.znammi.pl are net prices, the price of the product includes the cost of the table top and the base presented in the pictures. The sales document is a VAT invoice. In case of foreign sales, the net price of the product is converted into EUR according to the exchange rate of EUR 1 = PLN 4.5. We invite you to individual price negotiations!

How to place an order?

Orders are placed in writing using the order form or by e-mail to info@znammi.pl We always prefer personal contact by phone. Upon request, we will contact you and determine the method of payment, advance payment and details of delivery.

Where can I see Znammi products?

Take a look at our furniture in the “Meble Rybaccy” showroom in Opole, as well as in the workshop by appointment. Other locations will appear soon.


We accept payments to the account indicated in the order confirmation. Products marked as available in the catalogue are shipped upon receipt of payment.
In the case of individual orders, we prepare a contract that specifies the details of order completion, form and terms of payment. We accept the first payment when placing an order, and the second payment after its execution, before shipment.


A delivery is made by a private transport company which delivers it at the latest on the day following the shipment. In this way we can guarantee that our products are safe during transportation and will not be damaged. For products with smaller dimensions we use courier companies. In such cases, we protect the product against damage. On receipt, the delivery condition must be checked independently and any damage must be reported immediately in the notes on the consignment note. In the case of large-size furniture, we use our own means of transport. The cost of delivery will be specified in the Order. The standard delivery does not include manual handling. Each time we individually determine the method of its completion.

Completion time limits

Some of our products are tailor-made. We place up-to-date information about their availability on our website. If you are interested in ready-made patterns or in special orders, please contact us to determine the date of completion.